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World Hypertension Day (May 17, 2020)

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The World Hypertension Day is globally celebrated each year on May 17th. Hypertension has become a cause of worry for everyone in today’s time. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about hypertension and the importance of regularly checking our blood pressure. Hypertension is a silent killer affecting millions worldwide. This year’s theme is Know Your Number which focuses on raising awareness about the symptoms of hypertension, encouraging blood pressure measurement, knowing the methods of early prevention of high blood pressure and highlighting the prevalence of high blood pressure in society to make sure that people get to check their blood pressure regularly and know their numbers in orderto take necessary action on time.

BP or hypertension is a very common term we use to hear in our daily lives, perhaps we have one or more close relatives who has either been killed by hypertension or is currently on palliative treatment due to the complications of hypertension, so it’s really necessary for us to know in detail about hypertension.

What actually hypertension is?  

Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure. Blood pressure is basically a measure of the pressure exerted by the blood on the artery walls when the heart contracts to pump blood to the body and when it rests between the beats. The systolic blood pressure is equal to or above 140 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood pressure is equal to or above 90 mm Hg. Hypertension can be diagnosed with a blood pressure monitor. The most dangerous thing regarding High BP or Hypertension is that, it can remain without showing any symptoms for years and can cause serious health problems and puts one at a higher risk for stroke, heart disease, heart attack, and kidney failure.

Causes of hypertension:

It is crucial to understand the primary causes of hypertension because some causes of blood pressure are outside our control like family history, side effects of some medicines etc. Some of the causes are related to our lifestyle and can be controlled but some causes can be hereditary or non hereditary (secondary causes). In case it’s genetic, it generally manifests between 40 and 60 years of age.  In non-hereditary cases, which is majorly lifestyle related, it usually arises between 25- 40 years of age. Hypertension in youngsters is mostly lifestyle oriented, and following an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to let go off the ailment.

Reasons of hypertension:

There are many possible reasons of hypertension which includes;

  • poor lifestyle
  • sedentary jobs
  •  lack of physical activities
  • unhealthy eating and daily practices
  • competition at workplace leading to intense pressure and stress is a major contributor to hypertension in youth
  • sleep disorder causes inappropriate secretion of cortisol which in turn leads to hypertension

Ways to manage hypertension:

There are certain changes you can adopt in your life to mange hypertension, they are:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Ensuring low salt intake
  • Avoid junk and fatty foods
  • Keeping body weight at healthy levels
  • Abstaining from cigarettes/tobacco
  • Getting proper sleep
  • Having regular/annual medical check-ups
  • seeking professional help, when needed

On behalf of NAYS-Pakistan, we would suggest that the best way to avoid hypertension is to adopt a better and healthier lifestyle. In the case of hypertension, always consult a doctor for a prescription. Get used to regular blood pressure checks. Visit the doctor regularly. This Hypertension day lets takes a few steps to get the best hypertension treatment from home by making healthy life choices.

Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy!

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Article: Ms. Sundeela Fayyaz

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