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World Health Day (April 7, 2020)

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Every year on the 7th of April, the World Health Organization (WHO) along with the support from its member nations celebrates world health day. In 1950, the first world health day was celebrated. This day is celebrated to spread information and awareness about the importance of health to human beings.  World health day is celebrated every year with a specific theme. This year’s theme is to honour the contribution of nurses and midwives, recognising their vital role in keeping the world healthy. Nurses and other health workers put their own health at risk to protect the broader community.

The main objectives behind celebrating World Health Day are:

  • Easy access to quality healthcare.
  • Improving the life expectancy of people and population in general.
  • Addressing issues of maternal health care.
  • Making healthcare affordable.
  • Putting an end to epidemic diseases.
  • Concentrating on healthcare of children.
  • Addressing malnutrition.
  • Ensuring supply of nutritious food in poverty stricken economies and helping nations that have huge bowls of hunger population in them.

Now a days, our lifestyle has become very erratic, fast and unhealthy. Everyone is running behind business competitions, education, career, money and because of that we are taking away ourselves, from healthy lifestyle. We often tend to ignore the most precious thing that we have got and that is our health. By observing such international date for awareness, the idea is to spread knowledge on health issues and empower people in the decision making on health diagnosis and medical treatments.

On this World Health Day, it’s a great approach to aware ourselves to move little bit towards a healthy lifestyle and safe food. There are different ways to celebrate World Health Day like seminars, talks, health campaigns, posters competitions etc, which usually takes place on this occasion. On behalf of NAYS-Pakistan, I would like to suggest some of the ways you can take some inspirations from and celebrate World Health Day with great enthusiasm this time.

  • Get enough sleep and wake up early in the morning, go for walk and exercise regularly.
  • Try to avoid junk food and take in nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Try to manage stress at work place, and in free time play outdoor game like swimming or cycling or visit natural places.
  • Go for regular health checkup to check your health status, i.e. to check levels of cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure and other markers like cancer, diabetes or heart diseases.
  • Find out the best ways to be healthy and try to implement it in your lifestyle.
  • Arrange health and wellness program for better health awareness.
  •  Create a forum for sharing and caring health goals and talk for healthy work environment.
  • Create awareness campaign for communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

One of the most important gifts that you have received for free is good health. It is important that you should take good care of your health and of people around you.

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Article By: Ms. Sundeela Fayyaz

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