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World Autism Day (April 2, 2020)

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World Autism Day is celebrated on 2nd April internationally to spread awareness regarding the people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) all over the world. This day got recognition by the “United Nations General Assembly” and is one of the seven officials health-specific UN Days.This day was adopted on December 18th, 2007. Every year this day is marked with a specific theme. This year the theme for World Autism Awareness Day 2020 is ‘The Transition to Adulthood’.

What is AUTISM?

Autism is a biological, neurological and developmental disorder that affects communication and behaviour. As this disorder has a range of symptoms, this is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  This disorder affects the speech and non-verbal communication of the person with ASD. This gets developed in early childhood and lasts throughout the person’s life. This is more commonly seen in boys than in girls. According to the Autism Society, nearly 1 percent of the world population has ASD.

Causes of AUTISM

The exact cause of Autism is not clear. Some researchers guess that autism is caused by some combination of genes and some has recently found out that many genetic mutations can be associated with autism, and most of the cases have a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors. However, some researchers suggests that it may be caused due to the abnormalities in the brain that process the sensory input.

Diagnosis of AUTISM

Autism is not diagnosed until the age of 2 years and only a specialist (psychologist, psychiatrist, and neurologist) can diagnose it. Children diagnosed with autism meet many challenges. They find social situations difficult and they do not know how to communicate and interact with others. Social impairments are the core characteristic of autism.

Symptoms of AUTISM

A person with ASD shows the following symptoms:

  • Face problem while talking to others.
  • Cannot make eye contact while communication.
  • They might have restricted or limited interest.
  • They may repeat the same sentence again and again.
  • They are most oftenseen in their own world with their own thoughts.

Treatment for AUTISM

Currently, there is no standard treatment for Autism spectrum disorders. Once you get diagnosed with ASD, it’s a condition for the rest of your life. However, early intervention is the key to cure autism. This means detecting strange behaviour in kids at their early growth stages. If you detect the symptoms of ASD in your kid you can seek remedial action with a doctor or a therapist to bring your child to mainstream. If you go for early intervention the chances of bringing the child to a normal stage will be higher than the late intervention.

On behalf of NAYS-Pakistan, we want to spread awareness about autism, and for that we have to become an advocate for the people having ASD by educating the masses that people with autism spectrum disorders have specific characteristics, behaviours, tastes, and ways to do things. The key is to understand their way to see the world and their performance without trying to make them change. The only wrong thing about autism is the people’s approach towards it, the way people treat individuals with autism. Children with ASD should not be left out of activities and schools should promote inclusion of every child within the educational environment. Understanding Autism and bringing awareness to everyone will invoke understanding and tolerance and it will help more children get properly diagnosed and get them the services they need.  World Autism Awareness Day is the perfect day to have a good time with your friends who are diagnosed with autism because everyone in this world is beautiful and we never know what can someone’s beautiful mind contribute to this world and it is time to find out those beautiful mind.

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Article: Ms. Sundeela Fayyaz

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