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NAYS, a volunteer organization working for Pakistani Youth started a major project of Science for Youth (S4Y) which will definitely play a great role in the grooming of youngsters, the bright future of our beloved country. This project is unique of its type as it is majorly focusing on school and college students. Aim of S4Y is not to focus University students as all the other ongoing projects of NAYS are focusing only university students through all the major aspects.

Major aim of S4Y project is career counseling of younger students. Its main objective is to educate them at the grass root level that there are many other noble fields of science and technology where there is a pace for them to prove themselves. There is a need to make their minds to think out of the box so that they not only focus on MBBS, BDS, MBA, Engineering fields but also try some other challenging and rapidly advancing corners of science. Target of S4Y is to create awareness among students about different arenas of specialization.

S4Y team is conducting sessions, seminars, and healthy activities just to inculcate students with different terminologies and to give knowledge of various disciplines of science. For this purpose team has demonstrators in each area or city. Demonstrators deliver lectures to the school and college students of the respective area especially rural areas where there is a strong need to create awareness. All Officials coordinators would report about their activities to project coordinator on monthly basis. Project coordinator manages all the above mentioned setup and elaborates new tasks to be targeted to fulfill the task of S4Y project.

Another major target of S4Y is the brain storming of our youth which is neglected by current teaching methodologies through spoon feeding. S4Y aim condemns spoon feeding with a belief that if someone is blessed with brain then he/she should prove it functional. S4Y team is training students to develop the habit to ponder over things in a unique creative way. To accomplish this aim, at the end of every session, demonstrators throw such questions which would make students to think on various aspects using their own mental power.

S4Y is a huge project and needs a lot of time because it is coming up with long term strategies for the development of Pakistani youth. Support and guidance of the respected authorities is required for the better and effective outcomes of S4Y.


A team of young qualified researchers has been established from all over the Pakistan for this noble aim. S4Y team is comprised of the following:

  • Project coordinator
  • Team members(Male and female)
  • Demonstrators (Male and Female)


Following are the main objectives of this project:

  • Science lectures on new discoveries
  • Lectures on important science issues (health, food, environment etc)
  • Performing small and easy experiments to promote curiosity
  • Laboratory visitations day
  • Other possible extracurricular activities to develop the interest of students.
  • Interaction could be by means of answering questions they have concerning life science or possible career paths.
  • One day meeting with parents to make them aware of uses of science and possible careers choice and development.



You can easily become our demonstrator by following these steps

1. Read NAYS S4Y Objectives and decide the activity to be performed e.g you can deliver science lectures / practical demonstrations etc.

2. Visit nearby School or College

3. Get Permission from Authorities (NAYS-S4Y can provide you reference letter if needed)

4. Perform activity; take pictures if allowed by administration of the institute

5. Write an activity report including

a. School Name
b. Date of activity
c. class Grade
d. No. of Students
e. title of activity
f. Brief description (one paragraph) about what was taught to students
g. Response of students and administration about your report.

6. Send the report along with Pictures of school and students (Compulsory) to

7. You will get certificate either at once or in an annual Certificate distribution Ceremon




The results are evaluated by:

  • A detailed report of each school visited.
  • Annual report and ceremony
  • An annual meeting to judge the outcome of the project and certificate distribution among the participants.


Following will be the objectives of this project:

  • To show the youth that science can be a great opportunity for a career.
  • To make the students and their parents aware of the importance of scientists to help compete with the global community.
  • Motivated young students will choose to be a scientist as their first preference and will be the science leaders in future.


Project Coordinator

Zaryab Khalid Sial


About Project Coordinator:

MS. Zaryab Khalid Sial was born in Jhang. She has received her early education from Sial Education System and Moon Light Girls high School, Jhang Sadar. She is a position holder throughout academic carrier and participated in many co-curricular activities including games, debates competitions etc. She was the President of Debating society, School Prefect and Head girl in her school life. She did her F.Sc from Faran Model College (W) in Jhang Sadar. She got admission in Lahore College for Women, University and won merit Scholarship of University for graduation. She also become the member of event organizing committee of LCWU, She had actively precipitated in all events. She got 2nd prize in ‘Sciences Model Completions’ in 2006 among all Sciences and First prize in Biological Sciences. After completing her Bsc Hons in Botany, she did her Masters in Biotechnology/Botany with research in Tissue culture and identification of novel bioactive compounds from plants. She received Roll of Honour for her MS in Botany/ Biotechnology. She remained President of Botanical Society during both years of M.S. she also had done many sides be side courses like Quality control, Stress management, ELT PGD with his Master. Then she got selected for PhD program 2011 in Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. she also got selected for HEC Indigenous scholarship and currently doing her PhD in Molecular genetics in Department of Botany, Lahore College For Women University Lahore Pakistan. She is also first Pakistani Scientist working on detailed PSTVd genomics in Pakistan and writing thesis on it. She has arranged Lecture seminars and workshops in department of Botany LCWU Lahore Pakistan as a one woman army with many National and International Societies. She has also presented her research work in many National and International conferences.  She is also serving as research assistant to BS M.Phil. and Ph.D. Research Scholars on volunteer basis in Department of Botany, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.

She has got very good administrative and organizing skills and has shown these skills during her whole academic career by conducting various co-curricular activities. Due to her passion to do something for her beloved country she joined NAYS in 2011 as a member, currently she is the Project Coordinator of Science for Youth Project of National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS)Pakistan and also serving other projects actively. She is also active member of many national and International Societies.

Science for Youth Team

Abid Ali Channa  
MS Chemistry
Uni of Karachi

Asmat Ullah
M.Phill in progress
Quetta .

 Ateeq Ur Rehman
B.S. (Electrical Engineering)
FAST  Kohat  KpK

Ayesha Javed
M.Phil (Biochemistry)P.U

Umair Ahmed Khan
MSc. In Chemistry

Ghulam QASIM      
BSc Mechanical Engineering

Hammad Khan         
BSc. Electronics Engineering

Noman Ashraf          
BSc Environmetal Sciences Gujrat (UOG)

Qaiser Ali Khan      

B.S Materials science and Engineering

M. Zubair Ahmad
BS(Hons.) in Bioinformatics & Biotechnology

Madiha Iqbal
M.phil (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)

Muhammad Hasnain Rashid
BS engineering

Muzamil Hussain Memon 
BS B.Sc(Agri) Hons

Muhammad Hasnain Rashid
BS engineering

Muzamil Hussain Memon 

Musa Rahim Khan
Buzund, Mastuj, Chitral,
KPK, Pakistan            Chitraal

Syed Ali Raza
M.Phill Zoology
United College Kamoke


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