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NAYS Survey

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Introduction of NAYS Survey:

NAYS Survey was introduced by NAYS in April 2011. The main objective of this project is to know the perception and awareness level of young science graduates regarding different hot issues related to Science (Health, Environment, Agriculture and Energy Crises etc.) and Education. As an overall community work, the other objective of the project is to assess the awareness level of public as well. Based on the survey results, conducted for special public concerns, National and International Forums can well be used to raise the voice in numbers that is very important in this era. To generate these numbers, documented survey data in the form of reports, articles should be saved. Being Scholars, it is important to realize the worth of documented data so that steps can be taken accordingly. Because we can’t aware anyone unless we don’t know what they are lacking; similarly problems cannot be solved unless we know about them and try to find the ways to solve.

For this purpose, NAYS Survey Team put all its efforts in designing these surveys, analyzing and writing Reports or Articles hereafter. NAYS Survey team conducts these survey in any possible way. Online forms are prepared for those who are regular users of computer. However, for common public convenience and involvement Manual surveys are also the important part of NAYS Survey project. Nevertheless, it is only possible with your warm contribution. Your active participation, more views and maximum responses will help to solve the issues in good way and more solid will be your voice.

Call for Volunteer:

Volunteers are required from different universities and cities to join the following teams of NAYS Survey:

  • Data Investigation Team
  • Data Analysis Team
  • Report/Article Writing Team
  • HR Team
  • IT Team

Interested people are requested to fill this simple FORM and send your resumes at survey@nays.com.pk.

NAY Survey Hierarchy:nays-surv


NAYS Survey Team:

NAYS Survey Team

Different Surveys conducted by NAYS Survey:

  1. Rare Disease awareness among educated community of Pakistan (Open)
  2. Status of Young Scientists in Pakistan (Open) 
  3. Hand Washing Habits in Pakistani Population (Closed) 
  4. Effect of Load Shedding on Education and Research in Pakistan (Closed)
  5. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (Perception among Pakistani graduates) (Open)
  6. Hepatitis (B & C) in Pakistan; Causes and Prevalence (Closed)
  7. Jiniati Nazar e Sani Shuda Khorak (Genetically Modified Food) (Open)
  8. Tobacco Smoking (Prevalence and Awareness among Young Graduates) (Closed)
  9. Awareness about Cancer in Pakistan (Closed)
  10. Foreign Country Preference of Pakistani Students for Higher Education (Closed)
  11. Genetically Modified Food (Level of awareness among Science Graduates)(Closed)
  12. HEC Dissolution (Closed)


  1. HEC Dissolution
  2. Awareness about Cancer in Pakistan


Detail about Project Coordinator:

Name: Sheharbano

Affiliation: MS Scholar (Applied Biosciences)

Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB)

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad

E.mail: survey@nays.com.pk


The journey of her life began in Gujranwala, from where she completed her early education. She passed her intermediate examination from Govt. Post Graduate College for Women, Satellite Town, Gujranwala. Then she completed her B.Sc. from National Science College, Gujranwala. After that she got admission in Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of the Punjab, Lahore and completed her M.Sc. in Biotechnology. She had also taught at Beacon House School System for few months. Now a days she is MS Scholar of Applied Biosciences with major in Neurobiology at ASAB/NUST, Islamabad.

She had actively participated in extracurricular activities since her childhood. She was a very good player and debater during her school and college life. She has also got impressive administrative and organizational skills and has shown them throughout her academic life. She was elected president of Chemistry Society of her College during her bachelors. She is among few people who have pioneered some of the NAYS projects. She is also executive/ general member of various societies at NUST including NUST Science Society (NSS), NUST Community Services Club (NCSC), NUST Literary Circle (NLC), NUST Adventure Club (NAC), and ASAB Student Club (ASC). She is also executive body member of Islamic World Young Scientists Academy (IYSA). She is very keenly interested in the development of science and technology in Pakistan, and in the betterment of life quality of her country people.


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  1. faiza

    Sheharbano doing a wonderful work for science awareness in Pakistan.
    best wishes for you and your team. keep it up.

  2. Sheharbano

    Thanks Faiza for appreciation. But our real courage is the dedicated members like you. MAY Allah bless us all to serve our nation. (Ameen)

  3. Fawad Zafar Ahmad Khan

    NAYS Survey is an open research on the most hot issues in Pakistan. The dedicated team under the supervision of Ma’am Sheharbano, is motivated to target the most neglected areas of our society. NAYS Survey is also working for the community awareness. It is a great initiative. As a team member, it is our duty to involve maximum diversity in these surveys. Insha’ALLAH one day NAYS will be the most active scientific society of Pakistan. NAYS Survey is a pillar of this beautiful scientific building.
    I appreciate the efforts of Pioneers.
    God bless Pakistan
    Long Live NAYS

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