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NAYS Survey Report on Awareness about Cancer in Pakistan

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Cancer is a pathological condition in which a malignant tumor forms in the body which later may lead to metastasis. Even after cancer treatment and recovery of patient, there are chances of disease relapse. It is considered as second major cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Although it is rapidly increasing in developed countries but mortality rate due to cancer is higher in developing countries. One of the major reasons behind that is lack of awareness and late diagnosis. National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) Pakistan Survey Team conducted a simple survey to know the awareness level of Pakistani population. For this purpose a questionnaire was designed by NAYS Survey Team and data was collected by both, online as well as manual survey form. Due to limited resources 1461 survey forms were collected and 1209 were selected out of them for data Analysis. Results showed that people are not fully aware about risk factors of cancer, most prevalent type of cancer in Pakistan and how many cancer hospitals are working in Pakistan. There is no trend of regular medical checkup neither in rural nor urban areas. In addition to this, many efforts are needed to make people aware of cancer especially in rural areas as people there are less aware as compared to urban population. Health ministry, cancer hospitals and research centers, and media should play its role in order to spread the awareness.




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  1. Waqas Ali

    Good Job

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    Excellnt. May u get success

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