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NAYS e-newsletter was the first e-publication started in December 2009. The purpose was to keep the youth around the corner updated about the efforts and achievements of NAYS; in order to provoke them to join hands in various projects of NAYS. In the beginning e-newsletter consisted of all the information about NAYS projects, but now it has been distributed into two projects i-e: e-newsletter and e-Magazine. The new issue of NAYS newsletter covers all the details of activities conducted by its team during a specific period including: workshops, seminars, scientific competitions, surveys, and scientific activities.

Events: NAYS is playing an important role in the promotion of science. NAYS is conducting different Events throughout Pakistan to help the young generation in developing new skills on regular basis. NAYS e-Newsletter gives its readers the opportunity to engage in upcoming events.

Science for Youth: Education is important for the progress of a country. Acknowledging the importance of scientific education, NAYS e-newsletters also covers every detail of its project: “Science for youth program (S4Y)” – and scientific activities performed by its coordinators.  Where the young researchers from different institutes deliver a scientific lecture in a local school that motivates their ability to question and enhance their interest towards the scientific research.

Meetings Update: Nays e-Newsletter keeps its member aware of the different meeting held among NAYS Officials and of the meetings between the NAYS officials and other organizations

NAYS e-newsletter Team

Editor in Chief

Ubaid Umar

The University of Faisalabad


About Editor in Chief

Ubaid Umar was born in Faisalabad. He received his early education from Faisal Public High School Faisalabad and Punjab College Faisalabad. He got his degree of BE in Electrical Engineering from The University of Faisalabad with distinction in 2010 and was awarded Gold Medal. He received scholarship of full fee waiver in FSc and merit based scholarship in BE. During the last year of graduation he was appointed as IEEE-TUF Student Brach Chair and served the branch for one year. He has also got certificates in different courses related to Information & Technology from Stanford, Michigan and Virginia University. Currently he is doing his MS in Electrical Engineering from EME College, NUST.

He started his professional career from The University of Faisalabad in 2011 as Lab Engineer and worked there for one year along with that he worked as visiting lecturer in Govt. College of Technology for Women Faisalabad and Al-Habib College Faisalabad, then he joined NAYAtel (PVT) Ltd. and currently working there as Network Engineer.

He has been working as volunteer in different organizations like “Green Community”, “Mera Paigham Pakistan Foundation” and “Youth Concerns”. He joined NAYS in 2012 and worked in e-Newsletter Project. He has also been working as Graphic designer in some other projects of NAYS.


Ms. Hafsa Ali
University of Baluchistan

Ms. Hafsa Ali
University of Baluchistan

Editor News

Ms. Zaryab Khalid Syal
Lahore College for Women University

Jamila Iqbal
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan


IT Editor

Mr. Ubaid Umar
The University of Faisalabad



Ms. AttiaRazaq
Ph. D. Scholar
National Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology,
University of the Punjab, Lahore

Ms. Zaryab Khalid Syal
Lahore College for Women University

Jamila Iqbal
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan


Advisory Board Members

Aftab Ahmad Chatha
President NAYS

Ex- Editor in Chief
Muhammad Ilyas


Ex-Editor in Chief NAYS e-Newsletter
Aneela Yasmeen


Our e-newsletters:

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NAYS e-newsletter May-June 2010 Issue: 04

NAYS e-newsletter Mar-April 2010 Issue: 03

NAYS e-newsletter Jan-Feb 2010 Issue: 02

NAYS e-newsletter Nov-Dec 2009 Issue: 01

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    waiting for e-newsletter’s 18th issue..please publish it soon

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