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Community Education and Awareness Program (CEAP)

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This project was launched in August 2010, on first Birthday of NAYS, Pakistan. As the motive of this project lies in its name, to aware and educate the general public of Pakistan. Each year large amount of money had been spent to get rid of perilous diseases along with the side effects of medicines. But precautions and the diagnosis at right time may be proved the best remedy. But all this is not possible unless everyone is aware about the source of spread and causes of these diseases. So, NAYS Team is motivated to publish simple booklets, pamphlets, and posters to aware people about different issues, most probably health and education. In future, NAYS team will also plan meetings and seminars for general public to make them aware of different health issues and other problems. In addition, NAYS team members will also write public awareness articles in newspapers related to health and education. So join your hands with NAYS team and contact us to promote education and awareness in Pakistan.

Project Activities:

One booklet has published and several other are under process.


Important Information about Hepatitis (In Urdu)  (Published in March 2011)

Genetic Diseases (In Urdu)
Diabetes (In Urdu)
Nanotechnology (In English)
Hazardous effects of pesticides on food and environment and their management (In Urdu)

Details about Project coordinator:

Name: Tabinda Salman

Affiliation:Mphil/phD Student in Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, ICCBS, University of Karachi.

Email: nays.ceap@gmail.com

Team Members:

Muhammad Sufian Department of Biotechnology, UoK, Karachi.
Salman Abdul Salam Department of Biotechnology, UoK, Karachi.
Aftab Ahmed President NAYS
Sheharbano Project Coordinator, NAYS survey project
M. Adeel Ansari IT member, Biztek
Ammarah Fayyaz Wah Medical College, Islamabad
Fawad Zafar UAF, Faislabad.
Zaryab Sial Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
Rabia Ahmed University of Punjab, Lahore
Mariam Asif Sindh medical College, Karachi.
Umair Ahmed Khan Department of Chemistry- Uok.
Laraib Ghaffar UET Lahore.
Fatima Sajid NUST, Islambad.
Dr. Komal Bukhari Khyber Hospital, Peshawar.


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  1. syed adeel zafar

    its very excellent job. its the most important need of time to aware of the general public about these precautionary measures. wish u best of luck. if u need any kind of help from my side then i will be of great pleasure for me.

  2. Tabinda Salman

    Thankyou so much Syed Adeel Zafar for your appreciation.

  3. Ammarah

    Honored. thankyou 🙂

  4. Dr Barkat A Khan

    Dear Madam its a very healthy activity i appreciate it really. I am available in summer vacations for the same activity.

    • Tabinda Salman

      Thank you Dr. Barkat. It will be my pleasure if you could join us in your vacations. Do let me know when you will be available.
      email id: nays.ceap@gmail.com

  5. Tabinda Salman

    Ammarah..its a big responsibility, I hope you will be more supportive in the activities conducted by NAYS and CEAP.

  6. Sami Naeem khan

    Soon i am going to join this project INSHALLAH….

    • Tabinda Salman

      Thats good you have joined team CEAP.

  7. Fawad Zafar Ahmad Khan

    NAYS CEAP is a very noble work. I appreciate the NAYS leadership for this initiative and look forward for even greater progress of this project.
    Long Live Pakistan

    • Tabinda Salman

      Thanks and Aameen

  8. Dr.Mohammad Muslim


    • Tabinda Salman


  9. Muhammad Akmal

    It is very nice job. Me from Agricultural Entomology Department of B.Z University Multan

    • Tabinda Salman

      Thanks, really nice to see appreciation from you.

  10. Dr Aftab Ahmed Kandhro

    I appreciate the whole team members of “Community Education and Awareness Program (CEAP)” for such humanitarian activities.

    • Tabinda Salman

      Thanks alot sir!

  11. kamran

    thats great work!! appreciable.. as student of medicine i will always be available for such noble cause. and will join u people after my final exams as voluntree inshalah

    • Tabinda salman

      Thank you. Yes InshaAllah why not. It will be nice!

  12. Midhat Batool

    Excellent work…and i have read ur articles they all r so interesting & informative ..
    Tabinda baji i also want to support & join ur cause plz tell me how can i do that.??

  13. Hafiz Adnan Ahmed

    No words for this terrific work.I am student of B.Sc Chemical Engineering ( 3rd Semester ) in University of the Punjab, Lahore. Can I be the part of this noble cause as i will be available pobably (August-September)….


    • Tabinda Salman

      Thank you Hafiz Adnan ahmed. Yes you can be a part of NAYS-Punjab team. Fill the registration form and email at president@nays.com.pk for official joining of our forum. Stay blessed!

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